Do Posture Props Really Help?

You hear it all of the time, “stand up straight!” or “don’t slouch!” Since elementary school, these phrases have urged us to correct our posture. Why? Posture affects how our bodies move, perform everyday activities and the health of our spine.

Bad Posture Can Be Corrected

Many factors affect your posture. Whether it be driving or sitting for prolonged periods of time, the way you sleep, or carrying a handbag on a daily basis, it is important to be aware of the alignment of your body. The important thing to remember is that good posture techniques can become just as habitual as bad ones. Do not let these factors burden you. Instead, become aware and practice techniques that will help you develop a healthy posture.

There are many tips provided to us with ways to improve our posture. However, I want to focus on posture-friendly props on the market that claim to improve posture.

Posture Prop – BetterBack

I was introduced to BetterBack via social media, and became intrigued when learning that the kickstarter campaign initially asking for $12,000 ended up with $1.2 million to grow the business. Either this woman knows a lot of wealthy people, or there is more to the story. People are genuinely (and financially) invested in their spinal health.

With more research I see the charm of the BetterBack. The creator, Katherine Krug, started designing the product after her own struggles with sciatica. After many trials she created the BetterBack – a lightweight, portable and adjustable orthotic. The padded piece forms to your back and is held in place by placing the straps around your knees, allowing you to sit upright and aligned. It does seem quite convenient and I agree the posture is corrected by using it. My only reservation is when using this product over time your muscles begin to relax, thus limiting your movement and instead leaving them in a fixed position.

Posture Prop – Lumo Lift

Another popular option, the Lumo Lift, is even more portable. That is because this product clips on to your clothes and uses vibrations to remind you to correct your posture throughout the day. This product is for those who love to use technologies like FitBit to track their activity. This digital “coach” tracks your posture and activity and can sync with your phone. I like this option as a device that aids in correcting posture on your own but I do wonder how annoying the constant buzzing would be. Also, I assume the product must be calibrated multiple times throughout the day, so the settings could change as your posture adapts.

At HealthFirst Spine & Wellness, we attempt to teach and give you all of the proper knowledge to have proper posture. However, I understand the need for some extra help when you may be focusing on other things. What do you think about using posture-friendly props?

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