How Daydreaming Helps Your Productivity

Maybe you are thinking too hard. Or maybe you just can’t get away from your phone. Are you “always connected” to your technological devices? When you take breaks at work do you immediately grab your phone or during your time walking your dog are you also checking your email? These habits may cause more harm than good and ultimately keep you from being productive.

Consider a Day Dream

You may have considered day dreaming as unproductive but studies show how allowing your mind to wander allows for more creative thinking, ultimately aiding you in fulfilling your future and immediate goals.

Think about where all of your big ideas have come into creation. They were most likely not during the time spent scrolling through Instagram on your phone.  It is said that some of our most creative ideas occur during our “idle time” for example during a shower, walking outdoors or simply staring out of a window.  So why is this? Josh Davis, the Director of NeuroLeadership Institute explains that when we do not allow our minds to wander and instead reach for our phones, our brains block our creative processes, making us less productive.

Mental and Creative Health Benefits

There are numerous other ways that daydreaming can benefit our mental and creative health. During our daydreams our minds relax, allowing us to refocus and envision thoughts of the future instead of our current situation. In addition, it is easier to resist temptation by giving your brain a chance to reframe a situation by looking at it in a new way. Because of this you allow yourself to hold out for something better in the future instead of giving in to your immediate desires. As mentioned previously, daydreaming allows you to make new connections and thus come up with new ideas while continuing to sort out any challenges that you may be facing.

So give yourself a little extra time to think about nothing. Take a break and let your mind wander. It may help you be more productive and creative in every aspect of your life.

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