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At HealthFirst Spine & Wellness, we believe that everyone deserves a healthy, pain-free life, and therefore, we provide high-quality, compassionate chiropractic care to help our patients achieve the best mental and physical health.

We listen to and honor your goals, explain your exam findings, answer your questions and give you treatment options. Whether you’re experiencing debilitating joint pain and discomfort due to elderliness or you have a medical condition like fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, or migraine, we can help you achieve your desired level of health and well-being by providing you the best chiropractic care in Austin.

  • We do our best to respect your time and make your visits efficient and effective.
  • We encourage participation and empower you with ways to get better faster while offering clinical excellence with the latest in chiropractic and rehabilitative care.
  • We offer everything from chiropractic care to nutrition and weight loss. Our goal is to get you healthy, and keep you that way. Watch our videos to learn a little more about us and our unique solution ANSR.
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What our clients are saying

  • Kimberly Nicks, Chiropractor Review in Austin, TXKim N.

    My ankles don't hurt anymore and I am able to run longer

    My ankle and foot pain was preventing me from training and competing in triathlons. Since seeking treatment here, my ankles don’t hurt anymore and I am able to run longer distances without pain.
  • Troy Saidelman, Chiropractor Review in Austin, TXTroy S.

    I already feel stronger

    I already feel stronger. I know that the care goes beyond adjustments, and focuses on total wellness.
  • Diane, Chiropractor Review in Austin, TXDiane W.

    an improved quality of life and full range of motion

    My shoulder pain was so severe that I could not sleep through the night. After a few months of treatment, I have an improved quality of life and full range of motion in my arm!
  • Jeff W., Chiropractor Review in Austin, TXJeffrey W.

    My posture has improved and I can enjoy my weekends

    Prior to treatment here, I was suffering from knee and lower back pain and every day activities left me sore for days. Today, I feel my posture has improved and I can enjoy my weekends without worrying about pain.
  • Kat Lewis, Chiropractic ReviewKat L.

    Great improvement and strength in my upper back

    My upper arm pain used to wake me up at night and prevented me from exercising regularly. Since I’ve performed the recommended exercises from the doctors here, I have noticed great improvement and strength in my upper back, spine and core - areas which I had not focused on before.

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HealthFirst Spine & Wellness, has the solution no matter your ailment.

We do our best to respect your time and make each visit efficient and effective, and our unique, seamless and results-driven approach has made us one of the most highly reviewed chiropractic and wellness facilities in Central Texas.

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Core4 to TrueHealth™


Core4™ – 1. Spine, 2. Mind, 3. Food & 4. Move

If you are suffering from physical pain (e.g. back pain, neck pain, headache), it is likely that there was a biomechanical weakness present long before the pain began, much like a cavity is present many months before a toothache.

Maybe some other health challenge such as high blood pressure or digestive problem is nagging at you and you are frustrated with the loss of control that you feel by just treating the symptoms. You want to take control of your health and experience the vitality that you and your family deserve, but you are unsure where to begin.

We have developed the Core4 to TrueHealth TM for exactly this reason. True health is a result of optimizing each of the Core4 TM – 1. Spine, 2. Mind, 3. Food & 4. Move

Health and vitality cannot be purchased in a bottle. They are a byproduct of your body functioning correctly and require deliberate effort. The effort doesn’t have to be difficult, just appropriate and balanced.

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