Digital Posture Analysis in South Austin

Your posture is the window to your spine. It not only affects your physical appearance, but your overall health and well being as well. Therefore, at HealthFirst Spine & Wellness, we use digital posture analysis to conduct a thorough assessment of your posture, identify the problematic areas, and suggest you changes to correct postural imbalance and promote pain relief.

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What is Digital Posture Analysis?

Digital posture analysis is a comprehensive process that makes use of a state-of-the-art software program to analyze your posture.

When you visit HealthFirst Spine & Wellness to get your posture analyzed by a specialist, we take standing photos of you to identify areas of spinal stress and postural imbalance using a software program. In addition to this, the software can also detect poor spinal alignment, which is one of the most common reasons of neck, shoulder, and back pain.

The information obtained from the analysis of your standing photos is graphed and stored electronically on a computer. Using this valuable information, our expert chiropractors suggest spinal adjustments and rehabilitation exercises that not only improve your physical appearance, but also your spinal health.

Why Choose HealthFirst Spine & Wellness?

At HealthFirst Spine & Wellness, our aim is to offer you a well-rounded pain management. To achieve this aim, we combine the best diagnostic technology with safe and effective treatments like chiropractic care, cold laser therapy, and rehabilitation exercises to offer you optimum pain relief.

When you choose our digital posture analysis service, you get advice from the best physiotherapists and chiropractors in Austin who examine your posture and suggest you pain-alleviating exercises. The technique helps us prescribe you the right treatments that are likely to offer you the best results.

If you are interested in learning more about our services or if you want to schedule a chiropractic consultation in South Austin, you may contact us below to book an appointment.

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