What’s the Best Treatment for Headaches?

What do you do when you have a headache? How do you cure it? If you are like most Americans, you will either visit the doctor or reach for an over-the-counter medicine with the hopes of “fast, effective relief.”

It is estimated that 9 out of 10 Americans suffer from headaches across all pain thresholds. And about 18 million of those people visit a doctor because of those headaches. However, it is estimated 95% of headaches are not caused by a disease and instead associated with muscle tension in the neck. This tension is caused by a sedentary lifestyle and more hours spent in a fixed position. This increases joint irritation and muscles tension in the back, neck and scalp which causes the headaches we all experience.

Alternative Treatment

However, you may have found that OTC and even prescribed medication does not relieve your headaches completely. Or else why would you still be getting them? The good news is that there are other methods of treatment that are more effective and have more long lasting effects. Since the mid-nineties research has consistently supported chiropractic care as an effective and drug-free alternative for the treatment of headaches. A 2001 study from Duke University concluded that spinal manipulation resulted in immediate improvement for those with headaches originating in the neck. They also concluded that those patients had fewer side effects and longer lasting relief than those commonly prescribed medications.

Unlike just popping a pill, Chiropractors know how the tension in the spine relates to other parts of the body and have been trained to find the underlying cause of your problem. In addition headaches may not always be caused by physical stress on the neck. Many chronic headaches can be a result of poor diet, lack of sleep or excess stress. Chiropractors provide other treatment in addition to spinal manipulation. At our office, we focus on Body, Mind and Nutrition to promote optimal wellness. In this way our doctors can provide nutritional advice, posture coaching and both mental and rehabilitative exercises.

Are Headaches Preventable?

So before reaching for the pills inside your medicine cabinet, try to consider what lifestyle habits may have caused your headache as well as alternative methods of treating it. Especially if nothing you have tried has provided anything more than temporary relief in the past. Things you can do to try and avoid headaches include: stretching every 30-minutes if you are expecting to be sitting for an extended period of time, perform low-impact exercise such as walking, avoid clenching your teeth and drink water to avoid dehydration.

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