How Can a Chiropractor Help with Back Pain?

Athletes, working professionals sitting at computers, busy moms, students bent over textbooks– everyone can experience back pain. Whether it’s something that pops up out of the blue or it’s a recurring, chronic pain, you’re probably trying to find a solution that will bring you relief. While many instances of back pain will often resolve on their own, others require a thorough evaluation to diagnose and correct properly. Chiropractors are extensively trained to diagnose and treat all types of back pain. Learn how we help to alleviate back pain in South Austin.

What is a chiropractor, and how can they help with back pain? Chiropractors specialize in your musculoskeletal system and focus on the optimal function and wellness of the body. They work to align and correct your joints and spine, while also aiming to treat pain. They may focus on correcting and treating your nervous system, which can relieve inflammation, spasms, tension, and more. They can also advise you on what to do outside of your chiropractic sessions to manage your pain and help build a treatment plan that works best for your body.

In your first session with a chiropractic back pain specialist, the licensed professional will likely ask about your symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle. They’ll conduct an examination of your back and spine, and, if necessary, may perform x-rays or order additional tests. They’ll create a plan going forward that will most benefit you and reduce your pain over time.

Some of the recommendations that may go into this plan include:

Spinal Adjustments: Your chiropractor may perform manipulations, also called adjustments, to your joints to help with spinal alignment. They’ll move and apply pressure to areas of the body to encourage this and improve your range of motion.

Massage: Depending on the services your chiropractor offers, they may elect to have you receive a deep tissue massage, or recommend that you get one on your own. Massage and other manual manipulations help to release tension in your body and focus on particular trigger points that may be leading to your back pain.

Stretches & Rehabilitative Exercises: The chiropractor may show you some stretches that can help to relieve back and neck pain. This way you can do them at home and whenever you have the space and time to stretch out.

Recommendations For Fitness & Lifestyle: They may also make recommendations and give advice as far as what you should be doing outside of the chiropractic treatments to encourage mobility and reduce pain. Maybe they have a specific exercise routine in mind, or certain nutritional recommendations that can build up a healthy lifestyle. Certain sleeping positions can greatly affect your spinal alignment and lead to back pain, so they will likely consult on that as well. And, overall, they’ll probably make suggestions on dealing with stress, as stress can build up and contribute to tension in the body.

If you want to tackle your back pain head-on and find natural, long-term solutions to increasing your range of movement, chiropractic may be the solution for you. Find a trusted, well-reviewed licensed chiropractor and schedule your first visit so they can get to know you and your pain.