Repetitive Stress Injuries Treatment in South Austin

Repetitive stress injuries are a common cause of musculoskeletal pain. Also known as an overuse injury, a repetitive stress injury occurs due to repetitive movement of a particular part of the body, which results in the injury of the adjacent muscles, tendons, and joints, producing pain and discomfort.

Unlike other health conditions, repetitive stress injuries are difficult to avoid as they are caused due to unmodifiable lifestyle factors, particularly work. However, with chiropractic care, massage therapy, and rehabilitative exercises, many repetitive stress injuries can be healed.

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How do Repetitive Stress Injuries Occur?

As mentioned earlier, repetitive stress injuries occur due to consistent stress on a particular joint or group of muscles resulting from repetitive movements. For example, extensive use of a computer is a common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome, a musculoskeletal condition that’s classified as a repetitive stress injury. Apart from computer use, other behaviors, such as sitting all day, standing for long hours, or forceful movements like lifting weights or throwing a baseball, can also result in an overuse injury.

Common signs and symptoms of a repetitive stress injury include:

  • Pain which is aggravated by movement
  • Muscle weakness
  • Restricted range of movement
  • Inflammation

Repetitive stress injuries can affect any part of the body, particularly hands, low back, shoulders, neck, hips, and legs.

Chiropractic Care for Repetitive Stress Injuries

At HealthFirst Spine & Wellness, we provide specialized care to individuals who have experienced repetitive stress injury due to work, sports, or any other reason. Since a repetitive stress injury results from the unique habits and behaviors of an individual, its treatment requires an individualized approach as well. Therefore, we develop a customized treatment plan for every patient and use any one or more of the following techniques to offer optimum pain relief to the patient.

  • Chiropractic Adjustments — Our expert chiropractors conduct a thorough diagnostic procedure to identify the affected areas and make spinal adjustments to improve joint function and mobility.
  • Massage and Myofascial Release — These two techniques are considered ‘Gold Standard’ in the treatment of repetitive stress injuries. They not only restore normal range of movement by breaking up the scar tissue, but also reduce inflammation and improve strength of the affected muscles.
  • Rehabilitative Exercises — We suggest rehabilitative exercises to help a patient regain their strength and mobility, as well as to adopt a good posture and avoid any injuries that may result from postural imbalance.

If you or a loved one has suffered a repetitive stress injury, you should consider scheduling a chiropractic consultation in South Austin to get rid of the pain and live a healthy, independent life. To learn more, you may contact us today.

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